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La Sabranenque is a nonprofit organization which has worked since 1969 with the help of thousands of international volunteers to restore and safeguard a medieval hamlet in southern France.   This hamlet (also called la Sabranenque) is the restored medieval part of the village of St Victor la Coste located 30 km northwest of Avignon.  St Victor la Coste is known for its 13th century hilltop castle, its picturesque authentic buildings, and its traditional rural village setting.

La Sabranenque is filled with history and its structures tell the story of the life of peasants and artisans in this area of feudal  France.  During recent centuries, as the defensive walls which surround La Sabranenque became unnecessary, the site was slowly abandoned and dilapidated.  For the past 50 years,  la Sabraneque has been a place of patient restoration work, tranquility, and friendship where volunteers live close to history and nature



The restoration of la Sabranenque is complete but we need help to maintain the grounds and gardens, to repair and pave walkways, and to uncover and preserve ancient ruins.  Anyone 18 or older is welcome to join us in traditional labor and cooperative living to protect and maintain the natural and cultural heritage of  La Sabranenque.

This restored village keeps within itself extraordinary strength left by all the volunteers who have kept it from being forgotten.  Each participant has left a breath of friendship which joined that of previous volunteers and which will reunite with future volunteers.

La Sabranenque proposes one or more weekly sessions (Mon pm – Sat am) with double occupancy rooms, semi-private accommodations, working mornings Tuesday-Friday (all afternoons and evenings free), and daily meals (provençal cuisine, family service) for 300 euros per week.

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